February 9, 2008

What Are Narcotics?

Narcotics are addictive drugs that reduces pain, alters mood and behavior, and it usually induces sleep too. Narcotics change your response to sensations. It also produce unconsciousness. The primary medical use of these drugs is to reduce pain. Narcotics are also available illegally and are frequently abused. Sometimes people become dependent on narcotics that are prescribed for pain and continue to use and abuse them when they are no longer needed to manage pain.
Narcotics may make you dependent or addicted when you take them over time to reduce pain or for the pleasant, drowsy, floating feeling they give. Also, if you take these drugs repeatedly you may develop a tolerance to them which means that you need to take ever higher doses of the drug to produce the same effects.
People are dependent on a drug, and they feel a need for the drug when it is stopped. Sometimes they can be psychologically dependent which means that they feel distressed without it. Another type of dependence is being physically dependent which results to having bodily changes such as hot and cold flashes or tremors when the drug is stopped.

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